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Plans & Pricing

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Plans & Prices

What is a Publicist?

A publicist is responsible for ensuring that their client or company is always portrayed positively in the public eye. Duties include managing day to day relations with media as well as the social media accounts of the company. Additionally, publicists are also responsible for scheduling events, speaking engagements, interviews and public appearances with the relevant personnel. In some instances, publicists are responsible for creating buzz for new products to increase sales and demand.  #MyPRTeam

Choose your pricing plan

  • Social Start-up Pack

    Social Media Beginner Package
    Valid for one week
    • 3 Social Media Posts w/ Content #Hashtags (1 to 3 Channels)
    • Regional/National/Local Social Media Post Options
  • Social Media Pro Day

    Every week
    Clients that want Results + Attention
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 15 Social Media Posts w/ Hashtags ( up to 3 to 7 Channels)
    • Regional/National/Local Social Media Post Options
  • MyPRteam VIP Gold

    Professionals Services a week at a time w/ team
    Valid for one week
    • Our Mission Statement: MyPRTeam's #1 in Customer Satisfacti
  • Celebrities VIP Pack

    Every month
    Super Professional + Brand Package (Publicist Package) A1
    Valid for 3 months
    • Social Media Marketing | #MyPRTeam
    • Ad Creation + Marketing + Email Marketing (LightGoldPackage)
    • Publicist + Active Customer Client Rep
    • SImple + Details One Page Website
    • ENews Landing Pages
  • Brand+Company Pack

    Every month
    Full Publicist Marketing Packages
    Valid for 6 months
    • Brand+Marketing Pack

      Full Website Design w/ Social Media Boost
      Valid for one week
      • Real Publicist Pack+

        Every month
        Gold Leaf Marketing For Your Brand
        Valid for 3 months
        • Gold Publicist Job Description
        • Duties include managing day to day relations with media as w
      • Platinum Publicist

        Every month
        Marketing Team + Focused Rep for your brand.
        Valid for 3 months
        • Complete Daily Marketing + Packs
        • 24/7 365 Customer Service
        • Full Emarketing + New Leads Created Daily
        • Product Development + Packs
        • Wbesite Landing Pages (Sales)
        • Call Center + Customer Services
        • Weekly Social Media Ads incudes
        • Instagram Posts + Packs
        • Instagram Story + Packs
        • Animated Social Media - Motion Videos
        • Facebook Covers + Posts + Page Package
        • YouTube Channel Art
        • Marketing Posters + Flyers Design
      • Titanium Publicist

        Every month
        Travel, Bookings, Events, Hotel included w/ Monthly PR fees
        Valid for 3 months
        • Website Design Pack

          One Pager with SEO, Email Marketing, E Newsletter included
          Valid for 2 weeks
          • 1000+ WordPress Themes (One Final Theme) Design
          • Shopify, Square Space, Plus More Design Options
          • Custom Themes Available
        • Website Design + Eco

          ECommerce Included with SEO, Email Marketing, Custom Ads
          Valid for 2 weeks
          • Website Design Pack + Ecommerce
          • One Pager with 5 Tabs or (5 Pages Tabs)
        • WebDesign + Store 1A

          Small Business Package + Advertising + Marketing
          Valid for 2 weeks
          • MyPRteam+Consultants

            Business Session with Think-Tank / VIP focus on your Brand!
            Valid for one week
            • MyPRteam + Dedicated Consultants w/ Back Office Notes Design
            • A devoted task or purpose; single-minded loyalty/integrity
            • 24/7 Cleint + Customer Support
            • Tech Services Included but not limited to clients needs
          • Starter + CRMHubPro

            Every month
            We create your CRM and Manage your account monthly/weekly.
            • Custom

          A unit publicist hired by a studio earns about $2,750 a week, or $41,000 per film. Personal publicists employed by stars earn much more, with some making $400,000 or more a year. They make most of their money in producing fees, with raises in subsequent seasons.

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